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Who is Dr. Sylvain ELISE?
Shoulder surgery

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Dr. Sylvain Elisé has been practicing Orthopedic and Traumatological Surgery for more than 20 years at the Private Hospital of Bois Bernard.

Initially trained in all joints, he became a specialist in upper limb surgery, and mainly the Shoulder .

He invested in Arthroscopic techniques as soon as they appeared during the 80s and 90s...

He became an arthroscope surgeon .

His background:

  • Extern of Paris Hospitals

  • Intern at Lille CHRU

  • Hospital Assistant

  • Head of Clinic at the Faculty

His activity  

  • More than 3500 "Shoulder" Consultations / year

  • More than 7000 Shoulders operated on  since 2001

how to reach the doctor ELISE

Founder of 

Coordonnateur du Pôle de Référence des Pathologies Ostéoarticulaires

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