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Why do I have to  to consult ?

Choose the best solution

There is no solution for a problem

There are several solutions for a global problem

"Consulting a surgeon" does not mean "resigning oneself to  surgery"

Most often, the surgeon is consulted when the first drug treatments or physiotherapy have not led to an improvement.

in  90% of cases

  the surgeon will not suggest surgery.

The surgeon will propose to refine the diagnosis and put in place some advice

to improve your situation.

in  10% of cases

The surgeon proposes a surgical gesture according to your state of health, your functional request, and the technical possibilities that he can bring you.

I am the patient
I am an actor
in the care process
what is my role?

I am already an actor since I take the initiative to consult.

Still need to clarify the situation...

Why am I consulting?

What is my real request?

What are my hopes?

What are my fears?

I want a "Turnkey" solution?

I want to heal  cooperating?

He is my surgeon
What is his role?

My Surgeon is not a Magician

My Surgeon is a Technician

Its role is to bring you the  best solution:

according to your request,

your state of health,

the technical possibilities it can offer you

My surgeon is also a doctor who listens to you

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